Silver Cufflinks, Round

Silver Cufflinks, Round

Base price: £153.48

Engraved Sterling silver cufflinks, heavy-weight version with double-swivel fitting which are easy to insert and lie neatly on the cuff.

The price includes a two-letter cipher of your initials. The additional or reduced prices for other options listed in the Lettering Styles drop-down box below and you will find illustrations of all of these styles in our Lettering Styles Chart

All engraving will be scaled to the space available and fewer initials can be more efective.

Most inititals can look well as a cipher (interlinked script) but not all initials lend themselves to a suitable monogram. The more decorative Victorian style is too elaborate for the space available in these cufflinks, but we may be able to design for you a simple monogram in Roman lettering.

Make your choice in the Lettering Style box below and in the Engraving Detail box enter the initials to be engraved.

Complete/select from the boxes below before adding to cart:

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