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Armiger’s Cap Badge, cb1L-ag Long Motto

Armiger’s  Cap Badge, cb1L-ag Long Motto


The price is an estimate based on a typical crest and a motto which is longer than 18 characters, including spaces.

For a motto less than 18 characters, including spaces, the circlet and feathers are cast and the motto is formed from letters stamped out in silver.   However, for longer mottoes such as the one illustrated here, we cannot use that cast circlet, because it is not suitable for engraving.

In these circusmtances we need to make up a circlet from silver sheet on which we can engrave the motto, as illustrated here.   Then, because the colour of cast silver will not match the silver sheet we use for the circlet, we cannot use our cast feathers: we have to make up the feathers from the same silver sheet. This whole process adds considerably to the time to make this badge. In terms of cost it adds about 50%.

Please send us details of your crest (ideally the artwork) and motto and we will confirm the price.

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