Ian Grant
Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving

Thistle Sporran, spt-ag

I have always held that Highland Dress should be elegant and excellent, but not showy or vulgar. In this thistle sporran, Ian has achieved such characteristics. It is an expensive item but, as is always the case, one gets what one pays for and this is, without doubt, the absolute 'top of the range'. In my case, I wanted the sporran for wear at 'black tie' functions, to be worn with a black regulation doublet with silver buttons. Thereofe I specified a black sealskin bag which displays the silver cantle and bells to their best. The result is outstanding and I would recommend the item to anyone wishing to appear correctly dressed. The thistle chain in sterling silver is an essential accessory to the sporran. The sporran and chain together will become an heirloom.
Date Added: 09/Nov/2009 by J. Vaughan JOHNSON