Ian Grant
Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving

Heraldic Sporran

I recently commissioned Mr Grant to make me up a dress sporran with a large silver cantle and plain silver bells. As my tartan is predominantly white, I specified white mink.

I was particularly interested in obtaining a sporran that was elegant but not too showy, so I asked Mr Grant to produce a working diagram of the plain cantle with my arms superimoposed on it. He produced a sketch which was just what I had in mind, so we proceeded along those lines. Throughout the process he kept me informed of the work, sending me photographs of each stage in the production. Fraser undertook all the silversmithing and Ian the engraving. The result was quite outstanding - the sporran shows the arms in a very pleasing manner and the craftsmanship is absolutely superb. Ian's intimate knowledge of heraldry is reflected in his interpretation of the arms and he (and Fraser) have created an object of great beauty which has already been widely admired.

I could not recommend his work too highly, and I consider that this is Scottish traditional craftsmanship at its very best!
Date Added: 20/Feb/2013 by J. Vaughan JOHNSON