Ian Grant
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Armiger’s Cap Badge, cb1L-ag Long Motto

I recently commissioned Mr Grant to make an Armiger’s Cap Badge for me. I had looked at the examples of such a badge on his web-page and was not convinced that my crest and motto would lend themselves well to that design, as the motto is a long one, and I considered that a cast silver circlet and lettering might look too ’busy’. As a result, I asked Mr Grant to consider engraving the circlet instead. He agreed that it would be better to create separate circlet, crest and feather from a sheet of silver, thus ensuring a similar colour of metal, although he warned me that this would increase the cost of the badge quite considerably.

As I was well aware of his ability as an engraver, I accepted readily the increased cost and asked him to produce a couple of outline diagrams, which he did. Working from the agreed sketch, Mr Grant then began to produce the badge. As in the past, he sent me photographs of each stage of the production.
The finished article is quite superb. Because it is hand-engraved and not cast, every line produces a different reflection, and the entire badge ‘comes alive’ in the light in a way that really has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Every detail of the feather is highlighted – the vane, the individual barbs, the stem, and even the quill-base (proximal umbilicus) of the feather are shown in detail and to great advantage, just as is every detail of the crest. The photograph on the web page, being both two-dimensional and black and white does not do this full justice!

One can only remark that this is heraldic engraving at its very best and I would recommend this different approach, despite the extra cost. It is well worth the additional outlay to have such a superb example of the engraver’s art.
Date Added: 20/Aug/2013 by J. Vaughan JOHNSON