Ian Grant
Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving

Silver Salver with Coat of Arms

This wonderful example of both heraldry and engraving was the result of a conversation I had with Mr Grant while I was in Edinburgh some time ago. We had discussed the engraving of my Arms on a silver salver which I had acquired and brought in to his shop.
Mr Grant mentioned that he thought that the salver required something ‘a bit special’ and suggested that, as he was particularly interested in 14th Century heraldry, he might prepare some drawings of the blazon reflected on a 14th Century pattern shield, and incorporate similar period helmet and mantling.
A few days later he sent me outline sketches showing the proposed art work superimposed on the salver. When I received these, I was very impressed and asked him to go ahead. Throughout the process he sent me photographs of how the work was developing which gave me some insight into the methods used. I was so impressed I asked Mr Grant to engrave his name below the hallmarks, so future generations will know who the engraver/artist was – especially so in this case as the salver was manufactured by another silversmith in Edinburgh, so the hallmarks did not include any indication of the engraver’s identity.
The finished product, as can be seen from the photograph, is really splendid and is a practical and highly satisfactory way of displaying heraldry. Mr Grant’s skills both as an artist and an engraver are shown here to great advantage. I displayed the salver at a meeting of the Heraldry Society of Australia here in the Australian Capital Territory and it has been widely admired. The salver is, of course, now an heirloom, together with several other items Ian has undertaken for me.
Date Added: 19/Aug/2013 by J. Vaughan JOHNSON