How The New Badges Were Made

The commission from the Lord Lyon was for four badges, and so a master of each part of the badge was prepared from which a mould would be taken and castings prepared.   These were made, in silver, as we describe below. From each of these masters a mould was made, silver castings taken, finished, polished and gold plated.

Finally the domes were made. These were not cast because the porous nature of cast metal and the impurities present mean that a casting with a large clear surface area can never have the fine polished finish of sheet silver, nor the colour.   So, for each badge two domes were beaten and fixed to the cast oval rim. The crown was then fixed to the top of the rim and the figure and arms were fixed to the domes.

This was not the task of one, but three, highly skilled men: the design and engraving by Ian, the piercing and soldering up by his son Fraser, the finishing and polishing and making the domes by Alan.   Between them they have created another historical piece.