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Ian Grant
Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving

Heraldic Cap Badges

clan badge
Clansmanís badge

chieftainís badge
Chieftainís badge
We will make up heraldic cap badges in Sterling silver with your crest and motto. A clansmanís badge is mounted on a belt and buckle, an armiger's badge is mounted on a circlet with one or more eagle featherís behind, according to his rank in the clan. † The clan badge on the right is MacLeodBlazon: A bullís head cabossed Sable, horned Or, between two flags, Gules, Saved of the first..

Those who have registered their coat of Arms with the Lord Lyon (or have inherited Arms which have been registered with the Lord Lyon) are entitled to wear their crest on their bonnet with a single eagle feather.

A Chieftain (the head of a branch of a clan) and recognised as such by the Lord Lyon is entitled to wear two eagle feathers. The crest on the right belongs to Duncan Shaw of Chapelverna.Representer of the Clan and Name MacGilleChainnich of Dalriada, Knight of the Order of St John.

The blazon for the crest reads: An Eagle displayed wings inverted Or, charged on the breast of an escutcheon Azure thereon a Celtic cross Or.

The Chief of a clan (chief of the name) recognised by the Lord Lyon, is entitled to wear three feathers.