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Ian Grant
Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving

Custom Work

zoomorphic cantle with coat of arms
zoomorphic, with scales

acanthis leaf cantle with coat of arms
acanthus leaf
We can custom make kilt accessories to one of our our designs, or to your own design, and incorporate your motif, your monogram, or your crest and shield. This work is done in silver.

On the right we illustrate hand engraved Sterling silver cantles (sporran tops) which form part of our range for Armigers. They have been designed so that a coat of arms may be engraved in the centre.

On a quick glance the illustrations in this page may appear to be our standard design with a shield stuck in the centre, but they are not.

So that the shield does not look as if it has been added as an afterthought each cantle has been redesigned: its shape now echoes the outline of the lower half of the shield and all patterns have been re-drawn to occupy, elegantly, the remaining space.

The lower zoomorphic cantle has been engraved with a coat of armsThe blazon reads:Or, on a Fess Embattled Azure, between Two Boars Heads Erased in Chief and a Boar Passant in Base Sable, Armed and Langued Gules, Five Cross Crosslets Fitchee of the First. on the shield and the owner's red cap of maintenance mounted on the top (another option would have been his crest). If you look closely at the larger version of this image you may be able to tell that in this case the boar, the boar's heads, and the castellations with the crosses have all been engraved separately then cut out and fixed to the shield.

Compare this with the lower acanthus leaf cantle where the entire coat of arms The blazon reads: Vert a cross-crosslet Argent square-pierced Gules on a chief engrailed Argent three hunting horns Vert stringed and viroled Gules has been engraved on the same level. The buckle which accompanies this cantle is displayed below. It displays the crestThe blazon reads:A demi-lion rampant Argent gorged of a coronet of four fleurs-de-lis (one and two halves visible) Azure, holding between his paws an escutcheon Gules.

The thumbnail images below illustrate our designs suitable for carrying a coat of arms:

acanthus leaf
belt buckle
buckle with crest

belt buckle
plaid brooch

Celtic knot, small
Celtic knot, large
belt buckle

alternative thistle
belt buckle

plain cantle
alternative plain cantle

tops: acanthus, zoomorphic, knot and thistle
bells: knot, plain & thistle
We normally recommend that a charge or crest from the arms be used as a motif for the top of the cantle, but another option is one the tops we illustrate above.

The images above were created from artwork which is Ian Grant 2006, 2007

If you would like to pursue your own design thoughts Ian Grant can work from a rough sketch. From this he will assess the feasibility of your design, give you his thoughts and ideas and indicate the costs involved.

If you then want to move to the the next stage he will make a working drawing for approval. A charge will be made for this drawing, but unless you decide to go back to the drawing board it will form the basis of all subsequent work.