Ian Grant
Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving


We offer sporrans with Celtic knot, thistle, zoomorphic and acanthus leaf design.   All our dress sporrans can be nickel plated, gold plated or plated with an antique silver finish.

In our pierced Skye (Celtic knot) and Dornoch (thistle) range of sporrans we can replace the motif mounted above the cantle (the metal sporran top) with a stone and replace the centre medallion with a variety of motifs The centre medallion can be replaced with one of the following:
    US arms
    Stag with stone in claw between the antlers
    St Andrew
    Silver disk with hand engraved monogram or other motif
    Lion Rampant
    Masonic device
These these are illustrated in our page Alternative Centres listed when you click on Themes, above.   They can be plated to match or contrast with the plating of the cantle.
  which can be plated to match or contrast with the main plating.

More detailed images of the cantles and of the bells which enclose the tassels will be found in our pages listed under the menu tab Themes.   The images in these page also illustrate the decoration along the top of many of the cantles and more clearly show the piercing.


The fur used to face the sporrans illustrated here is bovine and sealskin but there is now a ban on the supply of sealskin for sporrans in the UK and we now have no stocks of that fur left.   We shall be replacing these illustrations in due course

Images of Pelts
We illustrate here the wide range of furs that we offer for these sporrans.   You can select the fur when you add an item to the shopping basket.   The headline price displayed for dress sporrans is based on bovine.