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Sgians Dubh

The sgian dubh, the Highlander’s secret knife, was a simple functional knife (or sgian) with a grip made from antler horn. The dubh (black) referred to its sinister purpose. In time, however, it became a full partner to the dirk and like the dirk the sgian dubh was frequently highly decorated and proudly displayed along with the dirk.

Today it is worn in the stocking top (left if you are left-handed, right for everyone else.

Ian Grant’s sgian dubhs are made in this tradition. Those we illustrate here have synthetic grips in the original basket weave pattern and are available in hallmarked silver, nickel plated or plated with an antique silver finish.

The profile image below also illustrates that our dress sgians are extremely slim (and light) which is also traditional.

sgian dubh, side view