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Finest kilt accessories, heraldic & ornamental hand engraving

Belts, Buckles

Kilt Belts

Our embossed kilt belts have been designed to match our accessories with Celtic knot, Scottish thistle and zoomorphic designs.   We also offer plain belts.

We use only vegetable tanned full grain leather and explain these terms in our page of kilt belts.

Kilt Buckles

All our kilt buckles are designed to be worn with a standard 2¼" kilt belt.

Plated Kilt Buckles

Our kilt buckle are offered in Celtic knot, thistle, zoomorphic and acanthus leaf designs and some, in our Skye and Dornoch range are offered with different centres
  • US arms
  • Stag with stone in claw between the antlers
  • Saltire
  • St Andrew
  • Silver disk with hand engraved monogram or other motif
  • Lion Rampant
  • Masonic device

These these are also illustrated in our page Alternative Centres listed when you click on Themes, above. They can be plated to match or contrast with the plating of the sword.

It is very rare for a kilt buckle to be returned to us for repair.   Our Skye and Dornoch range of plated buckles (which includes those which carry the different centres) are made in brass with brass fittings on the back.   The remainder of our plated buckles are made in grade I pewter with bronze fittings on the back.   For the further strength of our pewter buckles, the fitting around which the belt is looped is mounted on a plate secured across the full width of the buckle.

These features, the use of brass and bronze and the wide plate, give our buckles strength and long life.

Sterling Silver Kilt Buckles

All our silver kilt buckles can be engraved with your crest, cipher, monogram or other motif.